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By Waltraud Q. Morales

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Compliment for the former variation: ...the author's devotion to Bolivia and challenge for its destiny shines through...Recommended.--Choice

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Indeed, often the strange white men were not even treated as invaders but welcomed with great curiosity and respect. Atahuallpa believed that his superior numbers provided him the luxury to determine when, where, and how he would confront the Spanish threat. He had been disastrously wrong. Conquest of Upper Peru and Founding of Colonial Cities Finders keepers was not only the Pizarros’ maxim, but the rule of life everywhere in the Indies, repeatedly recognized by the crown itself. (Lockhart 1972, 180) In the years immediately following Pizarro’s capture and execution of Atahuallpa, the Spanish conquest of South America—although never seriously in danger—ran over very rough ground, primarily because the main actors bickered over the spoils of the Inca Empire and came to hate and despise one another more than they feared the native population.

The culturally unified pan-Andean empire that the Inca created by conquest and colonization was called the Tahuantinsuyo. Bolivian historians like to point out that the Inca Empire was the second panAndean empire of its kind—the empire of Tiwanaku came first by several centuries—but the Inca Empire certainly surpassed all others in scale and grandeur. By 1527 at the height of its territorial expansion, the Inca Empire’s boundaries extended 4,000 miles in length, and covered more than 380,000 square miles from northern Ecuador to southern Chile, and probably contained 10 million subjects.

The empire achieved its farthest extension during Huayna Capac’s reign. The Incan economic structure was a rigid pyramid based on the same pattern as the empire’s political organization exploiting the agricultural potential of the empire to its fullest. Land was very precious; it was held in common and could not be sold. The rich natural resources of the gold and silver mines, the forests, and the vast flocks and herds of animals were tightly controlled by the Incan ruling class as state monopolies.

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