A companion to the Roman Empire - download pdf or read online

By David S. Potter

ISBN-10: 0631226443

ISBN-13: 9780631226444

A significant other to the Roman Empire presents readers with a consultant either to Roman imperial heritage and to the sector of Roman stories, taking account of the latest discoveries.

  • This better half brings jointly thirty unique essays guiding readers via Roman imperial background and the sector of Roman studies
  • Shows that Roman imperial historical past is a compelling and colourful subject
  • Includes major new contributions to varied parts of Roman imperial history

  • Covers the social, highbrow, financial and cultural heritage of the Roman Empire

  • Contains an in depth bibliography

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Xxx The Emperors of Rome Gordian II (co-emperor with Gordian I) Pupienus and Balbinus Gordian III (Caesar to Pupienus and Balbinus) Gordian III Philip Decius Gallus Aemilianus Valerian Gallienus (as co-emperor with Valerian) (as sole emperor) Claudius II Vaballathus Aurelian Tacitus Probus Carus Carinus Numerian (co-emperor with Carinus) Diocletian Maximian (as Caesar) (as Augustus) Constantius I (as Caesar) Galerius (as Caesar) Constantius I (as Augustus) Galerius (as Augustus) Severus (as Caesar) Maximin Daia (as Caesar) Constantine (as Caesar) Severus (as Augustus) Maximin Daia (as Augustus) Licinius (as Augustus) Constantine (as Augustus) Crispus (son of Constantine Augustus) (as Caesar) Licinius (son of Licinius Augustus) (as Caesar) Constantine (son of Constantine Augustus) (as Caesar) Constantius II (son of Constantine Augustus) (as Caesar) Constans (son of Constantine Augustus) (as Caesar) Dalmatius (nephew of Constantine Augustus) (as Caesar) i 238 238 238 238–244 244–249 249–251 251–253 253 253–260 253–260 260–268i 268–270 269–271ii 270–275 275–276 276–282 282–283 283–285 283–284 284–305iii 285–286 286–305 293–305 293–305 305–306 305–311iv 305–306 305–310 306–308 306–307 310–313 308–324 308–337 317–326 317–324 317–337 324–337 333–337 335–337 From 260–274 large portions of the empire to the west and north of the Alps were subject to a breakaway regime consisting of Postumus (260–269), Marius (269), Victorinus (269– 271), and Tetricus (271–274).

The sheer brilliance of his analysis cast into the shadows an earlier work that was no less influenced by the catastrophic events of the earlier twentieth century, Michael Rostovtzeff’s Social and Economic History of the Roman Empire (Rostovtzeff 1957, originally published in 1926). While Syme’s style of historiography could flatter the egos of scholars who might insist on passing judgment upon the foibles of great figures of the past, it also offered some comfort to all who wished to see evil as the product of individuals.

Equestrian offices – Macrinus had never been a senator – were graded by salary, and Macrinus clearly thought that the gift of the salary would stand for the office. This was a clear sign to Dio that Macrinus simply did not understand how senators thought. To achieve distinction was no easy thing. Dio makes it plain that a senator needed both to be respected by his peers and to have that respect recognized by the ruler. Their lives were filled with constant testing, and occasionally desperate balancing acts between the interests of class and those of the ruler.

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