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By Arthur Goldschmidt Jr., Aomar Boum

ISBN-10: 081334963X

ISBN-13: 9780813349633

An creation to the heritage of this turbulent sector from the beginnings of Islam to the current day, this commonly acclaimed textual content through Arthur Goldschmidt Jr. is uncommon by means of its transparent type, large scope, and balanced remedy. This publication explores the evolution of Islamic associations and tradition, the impression of the West, the modernization efforts of heart japanese governments, the fight of varied peoples for political independence, the Arab–Israeli clash, the reassertion of Islamic values and gear, the problems surrounding the Palestinian query, and the post-9/11 heart East.

The 11th variation has been totally revised to mirror the latest occasions in, and issues of, the area, together with an elevated and extra nuanced dialogue of the “War on Terrorism” and the Arab uprisings, insurance of the increase of ISIS, and a brand new bankruptcy at the growing to be environmental difficulties of the area. moreover, the authors have included new scholarship at the early historical past to supply a fuller photograph of the political shifts and socioeconomic issues of that point. With up to date bibliographical sketches, chronology and thesaurus, A Concise historical past of the center East is still a vital textual content for college students of center East historical past.

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J. Arberry, Fifty Poems of Hafiz (London: Curzon Press, repr. 1993), 125. The #Anca” [in Persian, #anq§] of the last line quoted here is another name for the fabulous bird known more commonly as sÊmurgh, which also implies here anything scarce or wonderful. 54 Khw§jah was a common title in B§bur’s era among NaqshbandÊ pÊrs or shaykhs, spiritual teachers, from Central Asia. See Stephen F. 2 (1999), 218-33. In fact, the order was most commonly known as that of the Khw§jahg§n. , Studies on Central Asian History in Honor of Yuri Bregel (Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University, Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, 2001), 113-28.

Dissertation, University of Michigan, 2001, 22. 56 Abdulla el-Tayib, “Pre-Islamic Poetry,” in A. F. L. Beeston et al. Arabic literature to the end of the Umayyad Period (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1983), 81-5. 57 Nora K. Chadwick and Victor Zhirmunsky, Oral Epics of Central Asia (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1969), 90 and 87-8. The extant forms of these poems date to the eighteenth century. Y. and London: Garland Publishing, 1992). 34 chapter one B§bur’s, but the values they extol and the heroes they describe are a recognizable feature of B§bur’s society as well.

38 no. 29, p. 41 No. 49 & 50, p. 43 no. 65 and p. 51 no. 144. The old Turkic word for lion is arslan and for tiger, qaplan; both are also found in Ottoman Turkish. See V. M. Nadelyaev et al ed. DrevnetyurkskiÊ Slovar" (Leningrad: “Nauka,” 1969), 55 & 421. 3 The language spoken by Temür and his descendants is generally known as TurkÊ. In Europe it has been known since the nineteenth century as Chaghatay Turkish, that is the Turkic language or dialect spoken in the ulus or territories of Chinggis Qan’s second son Chaghatay.

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