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47 He was sent away absolutely without assignment of any parNo command was given him nor was any promise made him. He was like a bird aimlessly roving beneath the wide heavens. This is what it means to be a vaga- ticular place or task. bond and wanderer. 211. Unsettled and aimless, Word and command, wherein Such were we under the papacy. direction. exercises — likewise, are all all these were who lack God's person and place receive adequate present; but all Worship, works, and existed these found acceptance without a divine command.

C. 217. d. The fables of the rabbins cause Luther double work and why he occasionally * * cites them 218. Whether God changed his judgment upon Cain 219. Why God still showed' Cain * The » incidental grace 219. fables of the firmation and a promise of the law 233. excommunication from the a. Jews b. 220-21. * b. c. What * flee c. has What * d. e. * temporal, incomplete is * Was Cain murdered 22S. How Cain had cause to though there fear, even were no people on the earth except Adam and Eve and 6.

How CAIN'S CONDUCT he despaired. The plains c. * d. way WHEN "My punishment is greater" etc. These words have greatly perplexed interpreters b. * f. 197. 3. Augustine ex- them * 197. The explanation of the rabbins 198.. How the rabbins pervert the Scriptures and whence their false comments 198-9. tlie rabbins' interpretation cannot be accepted * * * rians right tures * cannot meaning PUNISHED. How Cain viewed his political punishment 205. How he viewed his ecclesiastical punishment 206. Why Cain was excommuni- cated by Adam 206-7.

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