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By Steven Runciman

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Sir Steven Runciman's 3 quantity A historical past of the Crusades, one of many nice classics of English ancient writing, is now being reissued. This quantity describes the Frankish states of Outremer from the accession of King Baldwin I to the re-conquest of Jerusalem through Saladin. As Runciman says in his preface, 'The politics of the Moslem global within the early twelfth-century defy undemanding research, yet they need to be understood if we're to appreciate the institution of the Crusader states and the later factors of the restoration of Islam ... the most subject during this quantity is struggle ... i've got the instance of the previous chroniclers, who knew their enterprise; for conflict used to be the historical past to lifestyles in Outremer and the risks of the battlefield frequently made up our minds its destiny.'

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591; Ibn al-Athir (Kamil at- Tawarikh, p. 212) adds that Bohemond extorted money from Qinnasrin. 1 1 39 The Norman Princes of Antioch the Byzantines. Alcxius, after writing to Bohemond to require him to give back the Cilician cities, sent his general Butumites to recover them. But Butumites' s force was unreliable. He entered Cilicia in the autumn of I IOJ but soon decided that the task was beyond him; and he learnt that the Franks were planning to expand northward against Marash, which the Armenian Thatoul held for the Emperor.

After many days of wandering through the passes he found his way to Tarsus. Hugh of V ermandois was badly wounded in the battle; but some of his men rescued him and he too reached Tarsus. But he was a dying man. His death took place on 18 October and they buried him there in the Cathedral of St Paul. He never fulfilled his vow to go to Jerusalem. W elf of Bavaria only escaped by throwing away all his armour. After several weeks he arrived with two or three attendants at Antioch. The Archbishop Thiemo was taken prisoner and martyred for his faith.

2, is clearly right to reject Tomaschak's identification of Albert' s 'Mares eh' with Amasea ( Topographie von Kleinasien, p. 88) and to revert to Michaud's identification as Merzifun or Mersivan. Mersivan could easily be changed by an ignorant Frenchman into Maresiam or Marescam, a French form of Marash, but it is difficult to see how an 'r' could intrude into Amasya, the Turkish name for Ama~ea, or Masa, the Arabic. 23 The Crusades of 1101 and better arms would have been of advantage. Before long the Lombards' nerves gave out.

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