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A complete bankruptcy during this name is dedicated to functions of the idea to clarify a number of issues the scholars (B.Sc. Physics) come upon in glossy Physics. unique and well-selected examples are used to light up points of the speculation in addition to to teach strategies of software. a great number of Illustrative Examples allows the scholars to realize self assurance to unravel any challenge in relativity regularly anticipated of B.Sc. scholars. The booklet meets the whole specifications of a textbook for B.Sc. basic and Honours classes in exact thought of relativity suggested via the U.G.C. latest syllabi in a couple of our universities were taken into consideration in making plans the booklet. The constitution of the e-book allows loads of flexibility. The ebook can consequently be used as a textual content for a couple of present classes (with varied distributed classes) almost immediately regularly occurring in lots of Indian Universities.

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In case of null interval, the two events are so separated in space and time that a ray of light starting from the place and time of the first event can reach the second event. Null interval is therefore also called lightlike. (C) Spacelike Interval Wen (dx)2 + (dy)2 + (dz)2 > c2dt2, (ds)2 is positive and ds is real. The interval ds is now called spacelike interval. In case of spacelike interval, the distance in space is so large that even a ray of light cannot cover it in the available time dt.

What do you understand by reciprocity between two inertial frames in relative motion as regards contraction of space and dilation of time? T. hence obtain the relativistic law of composition of velocities. Write down the relativistic law of addition of velocities and explain what important conclusions follow therefrom. T. T. corresponding to a speed of v = v1 + v2 . v1 v2 1+ c2 Hint: Consider three inertial frames S, S¢, S¢¢. Let S¢ move with speed v1 relative to S and let S¢¢ move with speed v2 relative to S¢.

It is an invariant. Interval between two events can be imaginary, zero or positive depending on ds2 being negative, zero or positive. If an interval is imaginary it is called timelike, if it is zero, it is called null or lightlike and if it is positive, it is called spacelike. If the interval between two events is timelike in a frame of reference, it is possible to find another frame in which the two events appear to occur at the same place. In case of a null interval, the two events are connected by a light signal.

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