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Opposition "elements", military and civilian, throughout Chile were to be arrested, taken away and then "eliminated". Anyone wishing in the shortest possible time to reach a judgment about the character and intentions of Salvador Allende and his colleagues need only read "Plan Z". Unfortunately for the UP, and fortunately for Chile, there was no opportunity to put it into effect. 29 30 These instructions are reproduced in the White Book, p. 50 Ibid, Documentary annex to chapter II, summarised on pp.

Another connected rising was simultaneously planned for the port of Talcahuano, site of the Chilean naval dockyards31. There was also by now a strong feeling that most of the the present leaders of the armed forces had allowed themselves to be drawn too far into Allende’s intrigues to retain their credibility. Prats seems to have undergone some kind of nervous collapse: it was precipitated by a Chilean woman driving by the general and sticking her tongue out at him, at which he had his chauffeur give chase, with Prats firing his pistol at the terrified motorist.

Once Pinochet and his colleagues (for the other member of the junta were not unimportant, particularly in the early years) had restablished stability and created the framework for prosperity, they began to put in place the framework for a gradual return to ordinary politics. In 1978 most of the "state of siege" special powers and the curfew were ended. For the first time civilians became the majority in the Cabinet. There was also in 1978 a general amnesty for political prisoners about which something should be said because of its relevance to the "Pinochet case".

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