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By Henry William Watson

The 1st version of Mr. Watson’s ebook used to be released in 1876. the current, a revised, a lot better, and accelerated quantity, is issued additionally in a handier shape. The e-book is, after all, primarily mathematical: it bargains nearly completely with the precise excellent gasoline, and supposes that figment of the mathematical brain) “perfect elasticity” to exist for the molecules. it sort of feels to us that, until we all know extra concerning the inner kinetic strength of molecules and its legislation of dissipation into the encircling ether, the kinetic concept of gases needs to stay the place Dr. Watson leaves it, a mathematical workout instead of a plausible actual thought. Dr. Watson retains away from physics beautiful typically, or even the identify of Van der Waals doesn't look in his treatise. It lacks a desk of contents or an index. Such books, in particular whilst released via a college press, at the moment are very unusual, and shortly the reviewer will suppose capable of move them through with the one remark “no index”!

The Academy and Literature, quantity forty five [1894]

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27 by sets of exactly fljiyilar molecules that is to say, bodies made up of parts which are capable of relative motion without being ^ torn asunder. The simplest conception of such bodies would be to regard them as composed of discrete atoms acting upon each other with Jorces any functions of the distance between them, and this way theproblem has been treated by Dr. * actions For the sake of somewhat greater generality we shall regard our molecules as bodies capable of a given number of degrees of freedom, in other words determined both as to position Vand arrangement of parts by a given nnmbftr of generalised coojuiinates.

Or have been expressed in terms of t by means of the equations of motion of the molecules. Then it is clear, by reasoning precisely the same as that employed in the elastic spheres, that every one of the (AB) pair of molecules will commence an encounter in the time 5^, or in other words the expression fm-fn-dps will give us the number . ds n -^ ^ of encounters in time between a pair KINETIC THEORY OF GASES. 30 of molecules in the between j

The ratio of the specific heat at constant pressure to that at constant volume has an important bearing on the theory of sound, and has been determined for many gases by careful experiment. The value of this ratio for several of the more permanent gases, as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, atmospheric air, carbonic oxide, nitrous oxide, of the more and hydrochloric acid, is nearly 1-408 easily liquifiable gases, as chlorine, ; that ammonia, and and that of carbonic acid, and marsh gas is about 1-26.

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