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Now, I : BD3l12 and for this case, b:B Therefore, l) xF I Dl2 r:--^. 3) can be seen to vary parabolically, having a maximum value at NA, and being zero at the top and bottom. 8. F- a --l '=tr""(F-r) K t\ n V (b) Plot of (a) Section Fig. 8. Shearing stress distribution itr a rectangulal section. Fig. 9. Circular section. r Ch. 2 VERTICAL SHEARING STRESS DISTRIBUTION IN A CIRCULAR SECTION Calculate and sketch the vertical shearing stress distribution in a horizontal beam of circular section, subjected to the shearing force F, shown in Fig.

M, so that the section bends about a horizontal plane NA. If the maximum principal stress due to this bending moment lies on the axis A-A, and it is not to exceed 80% of the greatest bending stress, determine the value of the shearine force that acts on this section. 16. Complex section. 1, where the symbols are as dehned 1. -3 Ch. :No,+ . 8 MN/m'? e. 1 EXAMPLE Calculate and sketch the distribution of vertical and horizbntal shearing stresses, due to bendin& which occur on a beam with the cross-section shown in Fig.

2, is subjected to a centrally placed concentrated load of 20 kN, acting perpendicularly to the x-x axis, and through the centroid of the beam. Determine the stress atmid-span at the point "B" in the cross-section of the beam. 82 MPa] Determine the components of deflection under the load, in the directions ch. 0124m} 7. 1 SHEAR STRESSES DUE TO BENDING beam is subjected to transversely applied vertical loads, so that the bending moment changes, then there will be vertical shearing lorces at every point along the length of the beam, where the bending moment If a horizontal changes [1].

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