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By T. S. Cale, F. S. Pintchovski

ISBN-10: 1558991921

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2]). Instead, it should be applied separately to maximum and minimum stresses in order to find out the actual effect on the stress range. An effective magnification factor was determined only for the most damaging stress range, and it was applied to all stress range levels for simplicity. 35 The fact that the misalignment effect raised the stress range at two strongly damaging levels, 21 and 22, above the 'knee point' in the S-N curve, where the slope was assumed to change from m = 3 to 5, further increased the calculated damage.

3. Hot spot region of the FE model. A relatively fine element mesh was chosen because of the use of linear 8-node solid elements. Due to the plane of symmetry, the total thickness of the web consisted of two element layers. The stress magnification due to angular misalignment is non-linear with respect to applied loading, since the misalignment decreases as the joint is loaded. Therefore, K,, was estimated for both the maximum and minimum stresses at the most damaging stress level separately, including allowance for the second-order beneficial effect of straightening, using Eqn.

XIII- 17 10-98, International Institute of Welding, 1998. 48 APPENDIX 4: HOT SPOT S-N CURVES FOR WELDED ALUMINIUM COMPONENTS Hot spot S-N curves for welded aluminium components were not available when the IIW fatigue design recommendations (1) were prepared. At the time of writing, only one S-N curve, FAT 40, based mainly on testing at Lappeenranta University of Technology, has been proposed (8,lO and 25). This curve is valid for non-loadcarrying fillet welds on 6 mm thick plate, and can also be applied to butt welds.

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