Advanced Textiles for Wound Care (Woodhead Publishing in by Subbiyan Rajendran PDF

By Subbiyan Rajendran

ISBN-10: 1420094890

ISBN-13: 9781420094893

This assortment offers a close assessment of the way textiles are included into wound care purposes, explaining the significance and suitability of utilizing textiles on various wound kinds. It introduces wound care and covers wound administration and the significance of laboratory checking out on the subject of wound care. It comprehensively stories the various cloth dressings to be had, wet might administration, and bioactive dressings to advertise therapeutic. The concluding chapters describe how complicated textiles, comparable to shrewdpermanent temperature managed textiles and composites, can be utilized for wound care items. the ultimate bankruptcy offers a fascinating perception into using fibrous scaffolds for tissue engineering.

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Approximately 20 ml of test fluid is added to the cup and the plate clamped in position. The cup is then weighed again before being placed in an incubator capable of maintaining the internal temperature and humidity within specified limits (37 ± 1) °C and relative humidity <20% throughout the test. After a predetermined period (usually 24 h) the cylinder is reweighed, the plate removed and the excess fluid is allowed to escape after which the cylinder is reweighed once again. From these weighings, it is possible to calculate the amount of fluid lost through the back of the dressing by evaporation during the period of test, and the weight of fluid retained within its structure.

Previous methods were frequently dedicated to one type of technology, such as alginates. The equipment should be compatible with a range of different test solutions. Where appropriate, the apparatus should permit the application of varying loads to the test samples in order to determine the effect of external pressure. The apparatus should permit the measurement of moisture vapour transmission by the dressing as an integral part of the test. The test should be easy to perform and provide results that can be reproduced within and between laboratories.

There are essentially three types of standards or specifications. • Structural standards, which defi ne the structure and/or composition of a product. • Performance standards, which describe one or more key aspects of the function of a dressing. • Safety standards, designed to ensure that a product, when used appropriately, is unlikely to adversely affect the health or wellbeing of the individual to whom it is applied. 1 The development of dressings For centuries mankind had little option but to apply readily available natural substances to his wounds to staunch bleeding, absorb exudate or promote healing.

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