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By Xiaogang Chen

ISBN-10: 1782422196

ISBN-13: 9781782422198

Advances in 3D Textiles offers the latest advances within the creation of 3-dimensional fibrous constructions and the way their use has ended in the production of novel materials and functions. The textual content covers quite a lot of cloth forms, together with their buildings, houses, and makes use of within the textiles undefined.

Beginning with many of the different types of woven three-d materials, the textual content then examines three-D knitted, braided, and non-woven textiles, and the most functions and makes use of of 3-dimensional textiles.

  • Presents the latest advances within the creation of third-dimensional fibrous constructions and the way their use has ended in the construction of novel materials and applications
  • Examines many sorts of 3D textiles, together with knitted, braided, and non-woven textiles, and the most makes use of of third-dimensional textiles
  • Covers their buildings, houses, and makes use of in the textiles industry

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3(c)), which was invented by McConnell and Popper (1988), is technology that could be taken further. The Z-direction yarns are crossed by X- and Y-direction yarns. 2 (a and b) Weave design and structure for orthogonal interlock. (c) Hollow structure. 3 (a) Braiding over a mandrel. (b) Four-step solid braid. (c) Two-step braiding. 4 (a) 3D tubular braid with components of yarn paths in axial, circumferential and radial directions. (b) Design for an I-beam. From left to right: yarn paths; black yarn path following horn gears; horn gears.

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Generative Algorithmns, Concepts and Experiments: Weaving. 13). , 17 February 2005. Methods for manufacture of multilayered multifunctional truss structures and related structures there from. Patent WO 2005/014216 A2. , 2007. Lattice truss structures from expanded metal sheet. Mater. Des. 28 (2), 507–514. 13). , 8 July 2004. Lightweight truss joint connection. Patent US 2004/0128940 A1. , 29 March 1983. Method and apparatus for making a composite material truss. US Patent 4,378,263. , 1987. Articles comprising shaped woven fabrics.

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