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By Jeese P. Greenstein, Alexander Haddow (Eds.)

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Contemplating the influence of translational breakthroughs at the early detection, analysis, prevention, and therapy of breast melanoma, this all-encompassing consultant collects state-of-the-art examine at the so much promising concepts and brokers more likely to impression the administration and long term results of girls with breast melanoma.

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The final 20 years have visible ground-shifting alterations within the epidemiology, genetics, prognosis and administration of renal melanoma. Advances in prognosis have ended in many tumours being pointed out at an asymptomatic level. There have additionally been parallel advances in therapy, comparable to nephron sparing techniques and radiologically guided ablative systems.

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5. Crude death rate from lung cancer in England and Wales and per capita consumption of cigarettes and of all tobacco products in Great Britain, 1900-1953. TABLE I X Crude Lung Cancer Death Rate and Consumption of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products for Men and Women Separately in England and Wales, 1881-1950 Annual Consumption, Lbs. 4 1920 1930 1940 1950 Note. The figures shown in this table are derived from a different source from those shown in Fig. 5 and differ in that the estimates of tobacco consumption exclude the amounts consumed duty-free in the Merchant Navy and in the Armed Forces abroad.

When, however, the lung carcinoma patients were compared with another group of 335 patients who had been thought to have lung cancer a t the time they were interviewed but who were finally proved not to have it, no significant difference was detected. This latter group, however, contained a high proportion of patients with other respiratory diseases and may not 46 RICHARD DOLL have been a suitable control group. All that could be concluded was that either chronic bronchitis and pneumonia predispose to a whole group of respiratory disorders, including bronchial carcinoma, or that patients with respiratory disorders recall previous chronic bronchitis and pneumonia more readily than do patients with diseases in other systems.

The differences are not, themselves, great enough t o account for more than a small part of the excess urban mortality. Present habits are, however, unlikely to be relevant to present mortality, and it is possible t ha t the differences may have been greater 20 or 30 years ago. Unfortunately, precise data about prewar differences are not available. D. Conclusion. The present evidence is inadequate to allow a n explanation of the urban-rural difference in mortality to be given with confidence. Several considerations weigh against the suggestion that it is primarily due t o atmospheric pollution with chimney smoke or motor exhaust fumes; but the possibility has not been excluded that chimney smoke may be responsible for a proportion of cases-perhaps as a consequence of its radium content-or that it may act as a co-carcinogen with, say, tobacco.

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