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By Gabriella Castoria, Antimo Migliaccio

ISBN-10: 1461417635

ISBN-13: 9781461417637

ISBN-10: 1461417643

ISBN-13: 9781461417644

Breast and prostate cancers are either hormone-dependent, a minimum of in a few phases in their development. Hormonal manipulation represents a big healing procedure. even if such a lot of breast and prostate cancers at the beginning reply to hormone remedy, so much tumors reinitiate to progress. ultimately, hormone-resistant and metastatic breast and prostate cancers may well strengthen. therefore, the problem is the dissection of mechanisms wherein steroid receptor signaling pathways proceed to steer phone progress and invasiveness. Compelling facts exhibits that steroid hormones elicit non-genomic responses in extra-nuclear compartment of aim cells. during this mobile place, steroid-coupled receptors speedily recruit signaling effectors or scaffold proteins and turn on a number of pathways resulting in proliferation, survival, migration and invasiveness. The quick problem is the dissection of key occasions regulating the steroid reaction of objective tissues to avoid development and enhance remedy of breast and prostate cancers.

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6. The association of AR and c-Src activate ERK through an estrogen and ER-dependent mechanism. 7. Type IV collagen signals through integrins, ER, and c-Src to induce transcription from ERE-containing promoters. b. HER family members modulate estrogen-induced signaling and transcription. 8. Estrogen signals through the ER to elevate IGF-1 levels, resulting in IGF-1R-dependent EGFR activation. 9. Estrogen rapidly stimulates the association of ER, Shc, and IFG-1R, causing ERK and PI3K activation.

Vicent GP, Zaurin R, Nacht AS, Font-Mateu J, Le Dily F, Beato M (2010) Nuclear factor 1 synergizes with progesterone receptor on the mouse mammary tumor virus promoter wrapped around a histone H3/H4 tetramer by facilitating access to the central hormone-responsive elements. J Biol Chem 285:2622–2631 9. Koop R, Di Croce L, Beato M (2003) Histone H1 enhances synergistic activation of the MMTV promoter in chromatin. EMBO J 22:588–599 10. Vicent GP, Meliá MJ, Beato M (2002) Asymmetric binding of histone H1 stabilizes MMTV nucleosomes and the interaction of progesterone receptor with the exposed HRE.

J Cell Biol 124:547–555 10. Chen P, Xie H, Sekar MC, Gupta K, Wells A (1994) Epidermal growth factor receptormediated cell motility: phospholipase C activity is required, but mitogen-activated protein kinase activity is not sufficient for induced cell movement. J Cell Biol 127:847–857 11. Ghosh P, Beas AO, Bornheimer SJ, Garcia-Marcos M, Forry EP, Johannson C, Ear J, Jung BH, Cabrera B, Carethers JM, Farquhar MG (2010) A G{alpha}i-GIV molecular complex binds epidermal growth factor receptor and determines whether cells migrate or proliferate.

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