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Husserl’s Philosophy of Arithmetic” Husserl, Formal and Transcendental Logic Klein, Greek Mathematical Thought and the Origin of Algebra Husserl, Ideas Pertaining to a Pure Phenomenology and to a Phenomenological Philosophy. First Book: General Introduction to a Pure Phenomenology Husserl, “Introduction to the Logical Investigations” (1913) Husserl, Logical Investigations Husserl, “The Origin of Geometry” (F = Fink’s edition; K = Biemel’s edition; C = Carr’s translation) Husserl, Philosophy of Arithmetic Klein, “Phenomenology and the History of Science” Husserl, Prolegomena to Pure Logic, in LI, vol.

Thus, in marked contrast to later commentators who see in Husserl’s Crisis and “The Origin of Geometry” “the conflict between transcendental philosophy and histori———————— 19. The German term that Klein translates here (and elsewhere) as ‘actual’ is no doubt faktisch. Throughout this book, ‘actual’ is used to render faktisch, following Klein. Wherever it translates wirklich, the latter will be included in brackets following the English term. Wherever ‘actual’ occurs in a text cited that has been translated from the German and that is not Klein’s (or does not occur in a work of Klein’s or in the context of a discussion of his thought), ‘actual’ renders wirklich; in such cases, the German term is not included in brackets.

Eugen Fink, Husserl’s assistant and close collaborator and the original editor of the two papers just mentioned, made explicit the connection between intentionality and history in them with the phrase ‘intentional-historical’, which he included in the title he gave to Husserl’s second essay. In 1940 Klein published “Phenomenology and the History of Science,” which was the first discussion in the literature on Husserl’s two essays. There he showed that, far from signaling a relapse into “historicism,” Husserl’s last essays represent an internally consistent deepening of his phenomenology’s guiding concern, from beginning to end, with the problem of the non-empirical “origins” of cognitive meaning.

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