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Extra info for Alayavijnana: On the Origin and the Early Development of a Central Concept of Yogacara Philosophy: Part 1: Text

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6 . 4 ); Sut r a itself I it .... i11 rather have been newly coined by the probably for sake o f a cle arer e xpr ess i o n of t he conside r ed to be the mai n fun c tio n( s) of thi s vijfuina what i t a nd/ or f or t he sake of se t ting itself off agains t t he t ermi nology of the Yogacarabhumi. 334 As Y. 3. 9. 5 Sas aki ha s s ho",'n I 335 the primary meaning of the 'adanavijiklna ' seems to refer to t he fun ction of term t a k in g p o s s e s s io n of a ne .... body or ( bas i s-of-per- sonal- }existence a t the moment of Linking up (pl'atieandhi)33 6 'parigl'aha , 337 or 'upcidtina , 338 I a fun ction ....

6 In Initia1. 2). taught to be and to prevent death, in nil"odhasamtipatti, but " 0 t tell u s anything about its occurrence nil"odhasamapatti . I t may .... 13· 7 was, - 32 - ini tial ly , conce ived of hardly in s uch a way that as a k i nd of "gap-bridger", but i ts occu rre nce in ordinary states had been denied. es alSOj f or it appear s that i n t he specific b ija theory on the ba sis of which t he notion of alayav ijnana seems t o have been modelled i n the 11litia1. arid - even when the mental seri es, t oo, i s functioning .

3. 2 . 1) a nd a s long as bi ol ogical ap propriation had no t pre s s ly become the e x c 1 u s i v e to (cp . § e x - fun c tion of a laya- vij nana (an exclu s i veness whi c h appea r s diffi c ult to prove for t he i nit ial period and woul d pre s uppose the continuity of a l ayavijnana (see § 2 . 13. 6». It: i s rather a s p e c i f i c biol ogical fun c tion of vijnana at its attrib utio n to alaya v i jnana: t he to death viz . t hat as pe ct of thi s may have favoured the fact that, at least in case of gradual de ath (kramacyuti) , 276 viiiiiina was cons idered abandon t he body i n s t e p s , with o ne l s karman and s ignali zing , s t arti ng - in a ccordance by t he directio n of its move- ment, t he direction of r ebirth - eithe r from t he upper or from the lower part of t he body, the withdrawal of viiiidna be ing i ndicated by a corresponding disap pearance of bodily heat .

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