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By Petr Hájíček (auth.)

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The geometric interpretation of gravitation is without doubt one of the significant foundations of recent theoretical physics. This primer introduces classical basic relativity with emphasis at the readability of conceptual constitution and at the simple mathematical how you can building up systematically software abilities. The wealth of actual phenomena entailed by way of the Einstein‘s equations is published with the aid of particular versions describing gravitomagnetism, gravitational waves, cosmology, gravitational cave in and black holes. End-of-chapter routines entire the most text.

This booklet is predicated on class-tested notes for classes which were held via the writer over decades on the college of Bern, the place Einstein labored on the neighborhood patent place of work and the place the principles of designated relativity have been laid.

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23) This question is important for the solution of the problem of an expanding Earth. 21) would read 2 x¨¯k = μ −1 F¯ k x˙¯0 . The force F¯ k is now a contact force, which points everywhere away from the center of the Earth. Then the coordinates x¯k of the surface must change exactly in this direction and hence the Earth has to expand. Therefore such inertial frames are not supposed to exist. 23) is called in differential geometry a global geodesic system. Our question can then be formulated mathematically: Does the Einstein affine connection allow global geodesic systems?

We want to formulate our ansatz also in a mathematically clean way. For this purpose, we first have to introduce the notion of the signature of a metric. Definition 8 Let M be an n-manifold with metric gμν and p a point in M . If there exist coordinates {xμ } such that gμν (p) = Diag(+1, . . , +1, −1, . . , −1) with n+ -times +1 and n− -times −1, where Diag(a1 , . . , an ) is an abbreviation for the diagonal matrix with the elements a1 , . . , an sitting on the diagonal, then the metric has the signature σ = n+ − n− in p.

17. Compute the curvature tensor for the two-dimensional metric with components g11 = ±1 , g12 = g21 = 0 , g22 = f (x1 ) , where f (x1 ) is an arbitrary function. (a) For which f does the curvature vanish? (b) For which f does the curvature admit the form μ μ μ Rνρσ = K(δρ gνσ − δσ gνρ ) , where K = K(x1 , x2 ) is a function of the coordinates (depending on f )? K is called “Gauss curvature”. 18. Is it possible to find coordinates on the well-known surface of a sphere such that the metric admits the form as given in Exercise 17?

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